During the last week, several AFEL team members from the L3S Research Center in Hannover visited the IWM in Tübingen for a joint meeting to discuss ongoing collaborations in the AFEL context, particularly concerning  AFEL WP2 on “enrichment” of Web data and WP4 on detecting learning-related notions and cognitive models in Web data.

The day kicked of with a public morning seminar, where the L3S team consisting of Besnik Fetahu, Ujwal Gadiraju and Stefan Dietze introduced some ongoing works to the packed seminar room. Topics included the extraction of learning-related entities from the Web using Web markup such as, the enrichment of Wikipedia pages with related news items and the predication of competence and performance of online users from behavioral traces. Slides of the well received seminar can be found here.

After an interactive Q&A with the IWM crowd, the AFEL team – Peter Holtz, Joachim Kimmerle and Seren Yenikent and the L3S guests –  got together and spent the remaining day in productive working sessions, continuing their work in the area of assessment and prediction of quality of learning and knowledge resources. Topics include, for instance, information bias and echo chambers on the Web, and how community features can help predicting the quality of learning content, or the use of priming as a means to improve learning performance.

Have a look at some pictures from this successful meeting below:


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