Cover of Learning Analytics Journal special issueAlthough learning analytics (LA) is applied increasingly in various learning and education settings, it still lacks publicly available and interoperable research datasets, that would allow the reproduction, experimental evaluation, and benchmarking of algorithms,  methods, and tools.

While AFEL has recognised this gap and is currently in the process of gathering a significant amount of activity data from informal learning platforms, AFEL partners have teamed up with the Journal of Learning Analytics and collected learning analytics datasets through an open call. The current JLA issue features a respective special section of gathered dataset descriptions, which meet the criteria of being a useful resource for the learning analytics community, licensed under an open license such as Creative Commons CC-BY and being available through a download or API. Details on the criteria are laid out in the editorial at

Datasets originate from informal, formal and class-room settings and will be considered as part of the AFEL activities, such as the AFEL dataset catalog or the AFEL-affiliated LAK Dataset.


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