Ahead of his upcoming talk on AFEL-related work at LearnTec2017Stefan Dietze from the L3S Research Center for basic and applied Web Science of the Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany, gave an interview to CHECK.point eLearning, a popular Web platform for practitioners in the fields of technology-enhanced and online learning. The interview (currently only available in german) discusses some of the current AFEL challenges, for instance, the need for efficient tools for extracting and analysing learning activities and resources on the Web. Directly referring to current AFEL-research and -tools, the interview also touches on the strong convergence of general analytical tools and methods with the more narrow field of learning analytics, where borders are increasingly hard to draw in the context of informal and Web-based learning, calling for multi-disciplinary research as conducted through AFEL.


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25. International Learntec Exhibition and Fair
24.- 26. January 2017 in Karsruhe, Germany

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