Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi from the Social Computing team of Know-Center attended the Complex Networks 2016 Workshop, in which she presented the paper entitled “Semantic Stability in Wikipedia” (download link) that was conducted in terms of the AFEL Project. This work assesses the semantic stability of Wikipedia by investigating the dynamics of Wikipedia articles’ revisions over time.

In a semantically stable corpus articles are not edited frequently – thus, it is considered that the Wikipedia community has reached consensus on the majority of articles, whereas in a semantically unstable corpus the opposite is true. The approach presented in this work is evaluated on 10 Wikipedia language editions including the five largest language editions as well as five randomly selected small language editions. Experimental results reveal that small Wikipedia editions exhibit faster and higher semantic stability than large ones.

The work was very well received from the community that contributed with interesting questions, feedback and ideas for the future work. As a result, an invitation from the organizers of the workshop is received, to extend this work and submit it for possible publication in the special issue of the Journal of Computational Social Networks.

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