iui2017The annual ACM IUI conference took place between March 14th to 16th 2017 in Limassol, Cyprus, for the 22nd time, serving as a forum for the intelligent user interfaces community. Eduardo Veas, Cecilia di Sciascio and Peter Hasitschka from the Know-Center were present at the conference with one paper accepted for the main conference track, one invited paper, four workshop papers and a workshop keynote as well as with a dissertation presentation.

The paper accepted for the main conference “WikiLyzer: Interactive Information Quality Assessment in Wikipedia” reports about the toolkit WikiLyzer that was developed at Know-Center for assistance in classification of Wikipedia articles and quality flaw detection enabling users to create complex quality metrics and identify high-quality content in large digital libraries, which will be used as part of computing learning indicators in AFEL.

The invited full paper from the ACM Journal Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (ACM TIIS) with the title “VizRec: Recommending Personalized Visualizations” deals with strategies to recommend suitable visualizations to users considering their preferences and how Know-Centers visual recommender VizRec, at the basis of the AFEL learning analytics dashboard, addresses this challenge.

Also, members of the Know-Center have been very active in the IUI Workshop on Exploratory Search and Interactive Data Analytics (ESIDA 17), giving the keynote presentation and being represented by four papers.

Finally, Cecilia di Sciascio presented her thesis topic “Advanced User Interfaces and Hybrid Recommendations for Exploratory Search” at the IUI doctoral consortium and reported on the development of an interactive intelligent tool that combines recommender systems with advanced user interfaces to assist both search tasks as well as the study of user behavior and experience.

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