As a research discipline, learning analytics crucially relies on data. Obtaining such dats however is not straightforward, as if data is available locally with the appropriate permissions to be exploited for researcher, it is unlikely to be comparable with other datasets available through other systems.

For this reason, the AFEL project is releasing public, stable versions of datasets that cover different aspects of learning analytics (communication, educational resources, gamification, etc). The objective of releasing those datasets is to provide base material for researchers to develop and test their approaches to learning analytics using an unambiguous, fixed reference for comparison. Also, since each dataset is provided as a downloadable package containing an RDF representation aligned with the AFEL Core Data Model, integrating and exploiting those data has been facilitated for research both in and out of the AFEL network.

This represents the first release of such a dataset (V1), as future versions will also include more data of different kinds directly generated by AFEL partners. Those data will however be anonymised before release.

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