AFEL coordinator, Mathieu d’Aquin, went to Strasbourg last month to present the research challenges and results of the AFEL project at the 2017 edition of EIAH, the french eLearning conference. In his invited presentation, Mathieu focused on the specific challenges associated with doing Learning Analytics in an environment where learning happens across multiple, online platforms in a self-directed way. The presentation raised many questions and discussions, especially on the technical challenges of reconciling learning activity data from such heterogeneous platforms, the theoretical aspects that are associated with such an endeavour, but also about the ethical implications for the learner, in terms of privacy and self-governance.

The presentations is available on Slideshare, and show an up-to-date overview of AFEL for a french speaking audience.


[slideshare id=”76758232&doc=eiah-2017-170608083624″]

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