Shortly before Christmas, the AFEL consortium meeting was hosted by GNOSS in Logroño, Spain. The goal was to jointly reflect the review results and to create a joint and focussed vision for the last year of the project. The main agenda was circulating three main strands: technical integration, evaluation and dissemination. Regarding the technical integration, a technical architecture plan was developed for integrating the already developed AFEL solutions. In the evaluation session, the overall evaluation strategy for the final evaluation of the AFEL tools was developed. This strategy foresees a series of focus groups to gather final qualitative user feedback on the tools and to elicit AFEL-specific evaluation indicators. Finally, the dissemination session led to a clear set of strategies to address not only scientific researchers but also stakeholders from industry.
Overall the meeting was very productive and enjoyable (big thanks to the GNOSS team!), with clear actions being set to ensure that the project focuses on producing a highly valuable, visible, exploitable and evaluated toolset by the end of next year.

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