The AFEL team will be organising “LILE2018, Learning & Education with Web Data” ( ) , a workshop on core themes of AFEL project. LILE2018 will be collocated with the 10th ACM Conference on Web Science (ACM WebSci2018,

While informal learning and knowledge exchange are inherent to daily online interactions, when searching the Web or using learning and knowledge-centric social networks, these interactions generate a vast amount of data, about informal knowledge resources as well as user activities, including very informal and heterogeneous indicators for learning and competences. However, while the exploitation of such data requires diverse skill sets, involving domains such as learning analytics, machine learning, information retrieval as well as learning theory, take-up is still limited and hindered by challenges which are both technical as well as interdisciplinary.

Building on the previous editions and its growing community, LILE2018 will provide a highly inter-disciplinary forum to discuss approaches making use of Web Data, for teaching, learning and education. Whether you are interested to present your work (submissions open until 20 March 2018) or you want to hear about the latest research in learning analytics, web science and related areas, the LILE2018 workshop will provide an engaging and open forum and community.

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