Between May 2 and May 16, 80 participants got the opportunity to try out the AFEL learning app at the IWM in Tuebingen. Most of the participants were students at Tuebingen University. The study was supervised by AFEL members Peter Holtz, Seren Yenikent, and Joachim Kimmerle. The participants first got the opportunity to learn something on the topics of geography or history at the Didactalia platform ( for approximately 30 minutes. Knowledge gains were monitored with questionnaires. Afterwards, they were free to spend some more time on Didactalia and to freely explore the site. Finally, after 90-120 minutes, participants evaluated their learning experience and the feedback they got from the AFEL learning app with a questionnaire.

Participants received a small financial compensation for their participation.

The study will help us on the one hand side to further develop the AFEL learning app by means of identifying strengths and weaknesses of our app.

On the other hand side, we will also gain new insights into participants’ learning behavior on the internet. We will identify behavior patterns that allow us to differentiate between learners with high and low knowledge states and we will have the opportunity to study the differences between the learning paths of participants who learned a lot during the session and those who did bit.

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