On 27 May, the AFEL team together with some long-standing collaborators organised the 7th edition of the Linked Learning workshop series, namely LILE2018 – Learning and Education with Web Data. Having undergone a significant evolution throughout the past years, the scope of LILE2018 followed a highly interdisciplinary approach which provided equal space for technical as well as socioligical, psychological as well as pedagogical aspects of online learning.

To mark this recent take-off from the more technology-centric scope of the previous years, LILE2018 was collocated for the first time with WebSci, namely the 10th ACM Conference on Web Science, running from 27-30 May in Amsterdam.

The workshop, co-organised by AFEL team members Stefan Dietze, Mathieu d’Aquin and Joachim Kimmerle as well as Dragan Gasevic and Eelco Heerder as long-standing co-chairs, featured an inspiring set of talks and keynotes, covering a broad yet strongly related range of topics in front of a packed room. The engaging opening keynote by John Domingue discussed the use of block chain technology within educational ecosystems, whereas Inge Molenaar opened the afternoon session by discussing the measurement of self-regulated learning from a behavioral sciences perspective.

During the paper sessions, discussed topics covered online information-seeking behavior, search-as-learning research as conducted in AFEL and the recent SALIENT project, the use of wikipedia as learning resources or the exploitation of linked data to model and share learning activity data. The best paper award, kindly sponsored by AFEL partner GNOSS, was awarded to: Simone Kopeinik, Almonzer Eskandar, Tobias Ley, Dietrich Albert and Paul Seitlinger for their work on “Adapting an open source social bookmarking system to observe critical information behaviour”.

The day was concluded with a joint a poster reception with all other WebSci attendees and a dinner with the workshop crowd. We’d like to thank all speakers, the interactive LILE audience, the WebSci organisers, and most notably, our main sponsor GNOSS, for making LILE2018 possible.

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