Dominik Kowald

Mathieu d’Aquin


Current position: PHD Student

Research field: Social Computing

Research focus within AFEL: Recommender systems

What is your main research interest?

Recommender systems

What are you currently working on? (in the context within AFEL)

Designing recommendation algorithms for suggesting paths of learning resources to users

What is “Analytics of Every Day Learning” for you?

Understanding the behavior of users in learning systems in order to provide services for guiding and supporting them

What are present challenges that the AFEL project can support?

Helping users to keep track of their learning process via personalized services and visualizations

What have you learnt from your engagement with Learning Analytics?

In the area of recommender systems, classic algorithms such as Collaborative Filtering or Content-based Filtering are not the best choices in the learning domain. Here, novel approaches need to be developed based on learning analytics

Why should learners use AFEL tools? (What can they expect, which personal requirements are necessary, what benefit do they generate?)

For the end-users, AFEL tools enhance the user experience in the learning system. For researchers, AFEL provides a dataset as well as novel methods in the area of learning analytics.

What is your vision for “Analytics of Every Day Learning”? (Explain in 2 sentences. What should be achieved after 3 years? Through AFEL, what will have changed for the online social learner?)

Design, develop and evaluate novel recommendation algorithms specifically tailored for the learning domain