Seren Yenikent

Seren Yenikent


Current position: PhD candidate

Research field: Psychology & Knowledge Construction

Research focus within AFEL: Cognitive models

What is your main research interest?

I am interested in the role of motivational factors which have impact on learning behaviors in online communities. My aim is to come up with a comprehensive state-trait model.

What are you currently working on? (in the context within AFEL)

I am about to start running my first lab experiment, which will be used as a baseline for AFEL. The findings of this study will be translated into big data within the AFEL framework in the next steps.

What is “Analytics of Every Day Learning” for you?

Analysis of informal learning environments i.e. factors, impacts, outcomes etc.

What are present challenges that the AFEL project can support?

I do not have a particular challenge at the moment. However in the future (for the above mentioned next step) I would need support for the big data translation, visualization etc.

What have you learnt from your engagement with Learning Analytics?

I learned that it is very important for cognitive and data/computer sciences to go hand in hand in order to gain a deep sense of learning analytics.

Why should learners use AFEL tools? (What can they expect, which personal requirements are necessary, what benefit do they generate?)

From a psychology point of view, investigated factors should help a lot to optimize the tools and tailor them based on individuals. Thus a good benefit for the learner would be to engage with a personalized tool.

What is your vision for “Analytics of Every Day Learning”?

Creating tools which are helpful and friendly to users, who are keen on learning through online social platforms, with strong cognitive models