Stefan Dietze

Stefan Dietze


Current position: Research Group Leader

Research field: Web Science, Knowledge Discovery, Linked Data

Research focus within AFEL: Data extraction, enrichment and analysis

What is your main research interest?

Knowledge Discovery, Web Science, Web Mining, Semantic Technologies

What are you currently working on? (in the context within AFEL)

  • Crawling and mining the Web for learning resources (eg LRMI, and activities (data capture, WP1)
  • Information extraction and enrichment (i.e. WP2): extracting learning-related notions from Web data, AFEL data model, etc
  • Detecting learning-related notions (competence, learning activities, learning performance) in Web data, specifically Crowdsourcing data (AFEL WP4)

What is “Analytics of Every Day Learning” for you?

Analytics of informal learning and micro-learning activities in Web data

What are present challenges that the AFEL project can support?

  • Understanding online user interaction and learning (needs)
  • Understanding performance and behavior in informal online settings
  • Understanding informal online knowledge resources used as part of online learning
  • Satisfying learning & information needs of online users

Why should learners use AFEL tools? (What can they expect, which personal requirements are necessary, what benefit do they generate?)

Very much depends on the “tool” as AFEL is broad and working on several different problem areas.

What is your vision for “Analytics of Every Day Learning”?

AFEL will shape the understanding of online learning and knowledge consumption as it surfaces on the Web, hence bringing knowledge resources and learners closer together.