Use Cases

Use Case – Jane the Learner


Jane is 37 and works as an administrative assistant in a local medium-sized company. As a hobbies, she enjoyed sewing and cycling in the local forests. She is also interested in business management, and is considering either developing in her current job to a more senior level or making a career change. Jane spends a lot of time online at home and at her job.
She has friends on facebook with whom she shares and discusses local places to go biking, and others with whom she discusses sewing techniques and possible projects, often through sharing youtube videos. 
Jane also follows MOOCs and forums related to business management, on different topics.
She often uses online resources such as Wikipedia and online magazine on the topics. At school, she was not very interested in maths, which is needed if she want to progress in her job. She is therefore registered on Didactalia, connecting to resources and communities on maths, especially statistics.

Jane has also decided to take her learning seriously: She has registered to use the AFEL dashboard through the Didactalia interface. She has also installed the browser extension to include her browsing history, as well as the facebook app. She has not included in her dashboard her emails, as they are mostly related to her current job, or twitter, since she rarely uses it.
Jane looks at the dashboard more or less once a day, as she is prompted by a notification from the AFEL smartphone application or from the facebook app, to see how she has been doing the previous day in her online social learning. It might for example say “It looks like you progressed well with sewing yesterday! See how you are doing on other topics…”
Jane, as she looks at the dashboard, realises that she has been focusing a lot on her hobbies and procrastinated on the topics she enjoys less, especially statistics. Looking specifically at statistics, she realises that she almost only works on it in Friday evenings, because she feels guilty of not having done much during the week. She also sees that she is not putting as much effort into her learning of statistics as other learners, and not making as much progress. She therefore makes a conscious decision to put more focus on it. She adds the dashboard goals of the form “to work on statistics during my lunch break every week day” or “to have achieved a 10% progress compared to now by the same time next week”. The dashboard will remind her how she is doing against those goals as she go about her usual online social learning activities. She also gets recommendation of things to do on Didactalia and Facebook based on the indicators shown on the dashboard and her stated goals.


Use Case 1 – Jane the Learner