Pre-Register as AFEL Test User

Beta Phase starting November 2017

Practical implementation of technology-supported learning requires appropriate tools and methods. This is exactly what AFEL is currently researching. Unlike conventional learning platforms, this is a revolutionary tool which not only provides learning contents, but also incorporates data from the outside (social media, Wikipedia). It can analyze which users viewed which videos on Youtube and whether it has improved the learning outcome. If so, the video is recommended to other users. The tool is „selflearning,“ i.e., the more data is analyzed, the greater the benefit for the user is. One of the advantages is that learning progress can be much better assessed (by enterprises and educational institutions, as well as employees and students). Moreover, a much larger pool of existing knowledge can be accessed than using customary eLearning applications, making Learning 4.0 much more efficient. Companies, as well as educational institutions and private individuals, now have an opportunity to test the tool exclusively and participate in its development. In this case, learning contents target, among others, the fields of communication/information, mathematics, physics and natural science. The pre-test licenses are limited and are distributed on the first-come-first-serve basis.