Researchers in the Spotlight

Get to know some of the AFEL project members.

Peter Holtz


Current position: Post-doc

Research field: Psychology

Research focus within AFEL: Socio-cognitive models of learning

Dominik Kowald


Current position: PostDoc Researcher

Research field: Social Computing

Research focus within AFEL: Recommender systems

Stefan Dietze


Current position: Research Group Leader

Research field: Web Science, Knowledge Discovery, Linked Data

Research focus within AFEL: Data extraction, enrichment and analysis

Mathieu d’Aquin


Current position: Professor of Informatics, Data Analytics and Semantic Web

Research field: Informatics, Semantic Web, Learning Analytics

Research focus within AFEL: Data collection, processing and analytics

Seren Yenikent


Current position: PhD candidate

Research field: Psychology & Knowledge Construction

Research focus within AFEL: Cognitive models