AFEL ToolKit

The AFEL Toolkit consists of a set of different tools, datasets  and glossary aiming at introducing learning analytics for everyday learning.

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Please find below the information including a short descrtiption of the tools, datasets etc. that are available.

AFEL Tools

AFEL Visualizer

The personalized AFEL Visualizer visualizes estimated indicators of the user’s learning progress.

AFEL Adaptive Recommender

The AFEL Adaptive Learning Resource Recommender supports users in finding learning resources tailored to the user’s needs.

AFEL Mobile App

The AFEL Mobile App provides visualization of three learning indicators, easy data sharing with friends, powerful notifications and personal goal setting.


AFEL Open Resources

AFEL Open DataSet

The AFEL Dataset is a collection of data sources that are useful for performing analytics in online/social learning contexts. It consists of 24 different datasets of different categories, access to the user dashboard and a dataset for learning analytics.

AFEL Glossary

The AFEL Learning Analytics Glossary is an AFEL-led initiative to establish a shared understanding between researchers and practicioners working in Learning Analytics.

AFEL Git Repo

Contains open source data, apis and catalogues for downloading like for example: the afel ontologies, an entity-centric-api, or a datahub-catalogue.