AFEL Visualizer

Visualizer is an extensible web application for personalized visual data exploration. Being a web application, it is platform independent and accessible from everywhere. As a target group, non-experts and experts were considered equally. For the first group, features for assisted data visualization were integrated which only allow the user to select visualizations that are compatible with their fields of interest. For the second group, the experts, powerful features for data manipulation were added, and an application programming interface for the visualizations was defined, which allows the extension of the platform itself to suit the users’ needs. The process of visual exploration usually takes a certain number of non-trivial manipulations of the dataset to generate meaningful visualizations. Therefore, it is possible for power users and beginners alike, to save the performed steps as a URL, to replicate the state of the dashboard or to share a “view” on the dataset with someone else. This configuration URL is also applicable on different datasets with the same structure


AFEL Visualizer for exploring your individual data